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  • Earn up to 100,000 or Plus
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Earn Rs. 100,000 or More

Picture Yourself at IPPBX

The working environment impacts employees, and we at IPPBX completely understand this. We ensure to provide a friendly & professional working environment to our employees rather than a dull or boring one.

Here, not only your skills will get polished but you will learn the art of communication as well. At IPPBX, you get every opportunity to enhance your skills which is vital for professional growth in your career. We believe that management is the key to getting the whole potential of an employee. The leadership at IPPBX does its best to help every employee raise their potential.





Work & Learn with Industry-Leading Experts

Boost your career with a Thriving Company

Upgrade your salary without increasing your working hours

Prime office location with several conveyance options, creating equal opportunities for females too

Our Core Values

We are guided by six core values that permeate everything we do. These values are what separate Mindbridge from all of our competitors, making us an ideal place to advance your career.





We at IPPBX believe that everyone is respectful. We respect our clients not only because they have a role in making our business successful. We believe that respect acts as the bonding material in relationships.

Learning new technologies and using them to serve the need of our clients in a better way is what you will experience at IPPBX. Our team is open to learning new technologies and delivering outstanding results.




New Ideas

Proficiency is the key to success. We believe that with the right team, experience, and skills, you can accomplish all your objectives.

We at IPPBX believe that creativity is the most important factor to advance. Our team always brings new ideas to the table which increases a new knot in our string of clients.





You might have read or listened to the word “QUALITY” a lot. But if you want to see a practical example of this word, then IPPBX is the place where you can experience it.

We work with full devotion and make sure that every need of our client is taken care of in the best possible way.

Starting Your Career? Work with a Company that is Creating Careers

The workforce of any organization is the backbone on which the foundation stands. We at IPPBX believe that employees have the most important role to play in the success of any organization. We are a family and this is why we do not hire people, we add members to our family.

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